Saudi Arabia Museum of Contemporary Art

The Ministry of Culture in Saudi Arabia commissioned OpenLab to craft a vibrant visual identity for SAMoCA along with a brand strategy, a project on which I collaborated with the Creative Director. The primary vision was to establish SAMoCA as a central hub for contemporary arts in Saudi Arabia, with a focus on transforming and elevating the local art scene. The goal was to empower and enable local artists by providing them with a platform to showcase their work and foster connections with regional and international counterparts.

The approach was deeply rooted in the community's beliefs, drawing inspiration from the angular precision of Najdi architecture. The geometric square grid formed letterforms, serving as an open creative canvas. The resulting logo is a timeless, simple, and iconic visual mark, capable of both contrasting and connecting with the dynamic content, vivid colors, and evolving narratives within the vibrant realm of art and creativity.

Client: Saudi Arabia Ministry of Culture | Year: 2023 | Services: Visual Identity & Brand Strategy