Filful is a unique Lebanese street food restaurant, located in the heart of Dubai, that mashes the old with the new, and the traditional with the hip. It is a place that promotes the Lebanese culture of gatherings, sharing and conversing where you want to be seen in, and a place that holds a special place in the Beiruti’s hearts, yet still relatable to everyone else. The tone of the brand is an approachable, effortless, “do it yourself” culture. The visual identity is inspired and stirred out from the traditional streets and small markets of Beirut. The branding design is fun and quirky accentuated with bold typography, nostalgic imagery, and loud colors, celebrating the ultimate Beiruti experience. The brand story is implemented across print collaterals, business cards, restaurant amenities, menus, and website.

Client: Shamma Camital | Year: 2018 | Services: Visual Identity, Art Direction, Website Design