Archigram is a project that was designed to celebrate the architectural movement in ways that enthralled a generation. This architectural concept brought together a three-dimensional displayed introduction to the project and a printed booklet that found a synergy between content and form, and developed the notion of pretext further in another opportunity to be seen and shared. In that purpose, the constructive presentation made of cubes was designed in a manner where each façade contained data of information. Once the cubes were arranged by order, the back introduced a visual of one of the most famous Archigram projects: "The Walking City". The project is then carried out through the Archigram booklet, a companion volume of the informative display. The spirit of this pamphlet translates the material that has been prepared as a performative presentation into the format of a small run, print-on-demand publication, captured within the essential components of colors, linear gestures, compelling graphics and imageries in a fresh new direction.

Client: Academic | Year: 2015 | Services: Concept, Publication Design